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Paper In My Pockets Summary - One Shot Films/TV

Paper In My Pockets Summary

P.I.M.P. 24/7 tells the story of Johnny Angel, a high level pimp who runs his empire with an iron hand. Angel is no ordinary pimp.  He has elevated his business to corporate levels, servicing the upper echelon of society….Aldermen, Mayors, businessmen and other influential types making him the male Heidi Fleiss of the prostitution industry.  Angel has mastered the art of deception, as he does not work on the stroll or wear typical pimp clothing, nor does he utilize the typical street slang or swagger of the common pimp.  He lives in the suburbs, with his occupation undetected by his friends and neighbors.  Angel, though not married, is a family man.  He is very close to his sister and two nephews,  Johnny and Marcus.  Angel has become somewhat of a father figure to Marcus, who is a smart, well-rounded kid that is college bound.  He spends a lot of his free time with Marcus whose father, Darrell has left the family and is now living on the streets on crack.  Angel fills the void, trying to steer his young nephew into the right direction, supporting his efforts to stay in college. His sister, Michelle, works 3 jobs to support her sons.  She loves her brother Angel, but does not want any of his “dirty money” to pay her way.  She worries that his life in the streets will be his demise, not knowing that he has long since elevated his pimp game to corporate levels. Darrell is a constant thorn in his ex-wife’s side.  He often breaks into her home stealing any and everything Angel buys for her sons to sell on the streets to support his habit.  He is even bold enough to try to rob several of Angel’s establishments, causing Angel to take notice.  He was once a very good man, who has now fallen victim to crack cocaine, and will step on any and everyone to support his habit. Johnny, the eldest son, is more of a street type.  To take pressure off his mother, he moves out to live with a stripper and shortly after begins to hang out with pimps on the stroll.  This makes his uncle very unhappy, but the younger Johnny is ready to be his own man, and has to deal with the law often, as the stroll is constantly shut down by law enforcement.  The younger Marcus is on a better path, but hanging around his uncle seeing how easily and effortlessly he turns his business into a profit, gradually begins to exhibit an interest in being like his uncle Angel, who clearly wants him to make different and better choices for his future.  These elements eventually cause more conflict for Angel, who just wants a better less dangerous life for his nephews.  But like all things made to look easy, they both want to be like him.  This is a major part of the family conflict. P.I.M.P. 24/7 is about family, business and the hype of the hustle.  At day’s end, it’s about the pursuit of the American Dream of keeping Paper In My Pockets.

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