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Hood Kitchen Summary - One Shot Films/TV

Hood Kitchen Summary

Logo line:
When you’re hungry and there is no food in your house to eat, don’t panic just tune into “Hood Kitchen” and let our chef Rap Star “Factor” hook you up with the bare necessities in your crib for a good meal.

Rap Star “Factor” will show our viewers how to prepare a good quick meal with the bare necessities from your crib or your neighbors crib. He will talk to our viewers while cooking, taking them step by step on how to make meals with very little food. He will show our viewers week by week how to make quick and easy meals or a great gourmet fulfilling meal. Like making one of his favorite dishes-Top Ramen made into Chow mein or even Tomato Soup from a cup of ketchup that you might not have in the crib so go borrow it from the neighbor. The show is very entertaining with comedy relief. For more information contact producer Curtis Elerson.

Curtis Elerson
One Shot Films
Dirty Gates Entertainment
206 321-0741

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