“My Life Over The Top” Official release date August 28, 2015

31 May 2015 | 2 Comments » | Curtis

Press Release- Virgil Fairley Documentary

News that is recently sweeping everyone off their feet is the upcoming documentary titled “My Life over the Top”. Multiple sources have not revealed much about this highly anticipated documentary, but the release date has been finalized, August 28, 2015, just around the corner.

According to these multiple sources and the production managers, this documentary is a life changer for those who are discouraged with the direction their life has been taking them in. They held an intimate interview with Virgil Fairley, which will be discussed in the subsection. “The life of a pimp is not easy”, as stated by Virgil Fairley. He has shared his story, his life, and how he entered into the bittersweet world.

History of Virgil Fairley

“My life over the top” is the raw and real life story of Ray Virgil Farley. A man who went from selling pots and pans to moving kilos of cocaine and other drugs, to moving high class prostitutes.  Virgil was the one everyone envied, loved, and hated. He defined and set the bar high for what a hustler is supposed to be and nobody could top him.

He stated that when he was in high school a lady chose him, and that’s how he got introduced to the pimp world. He said that he met many big celebrities, and that’s how he got to know that every pretty face has the disguise of a monster. Every popular celebrity he met or ran into was into cocaine, and that was the beginning of his own descent into that world of addiction. Virgil also added that being a pimp is not a good thing, but fate chose that for him. He tasted the street life at a very early age, and it was not easy for him to get out of it. Having tasted the easy fast lifestyle, he learned to capitalize on it, and exploit its vast riches.

This documentary chronicles his rise to fame. The successful life of a man who overcame   the dangers of his environment, the challenges of the street, and the possibility of never making it out of the prison system alive. This unique living legends story is also aided by firsthand accounts given by well-known and respected cross country pimps, prostitutes, and other kingpins. But there is only one Ray Virgil Fairley.

These multiple sources have confirmed that it is a motivational documentary that explains the emotions and hardships faced by Virgil Fairley. People are waiting anxiously for it because they want to know all about the fast lifestyle and everything it entails, including the knowledge about the ins and outs of pimping, prostitution and selling drugs.

Virgil Fairley has stated that there was a lot of money in the dope game and he bought his first Cadillac car when he was only seventeen years old. These multiple sources have confirmed this news.


“I got out of the life of crime with my health and mind intact. This lifestyle ain’t to be played with. Only the lucky or powerful survive. If you play, you will pay.  It will cost you something. Perhaps your life, freedom, family, or health. It will always cost you something. Believe that.”

-Ray Virgil Fairley

The news regarding this documentary has continued to spread on every social media site worldwide as it will be out soon. The production team has told sources that it will inspire people and motivate people because everything happens for a reason. All they have to do is remain optimistic about everything. What’s done is done. There is no looking back, just looking forward, staying determined to change, and being motivated towards personal goals.

Different kinds of people, from all types of backgrounds, have their eyes on this documentary and are looking forward to learning the unbelievable facts about the street life that are spoken about in this motivational documentary that will be available worldwide on iTunes, Vudu, and Xbox.


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