“Breeder X” Pay Back A Bitch

28 April 2014 | No Comments » | Curtis

Please contact me!

I am doing a world wide animal abuse event soon with the launch or my project. I would like to have you guys involved as one of the many host organizations? “1 million view against animal abuse in 1 week”.

No money involved, no demands, no work just support and allowing me to give praise for the efforts everyone has been making for change.

This is world group action time The Hollywood attention getter. People around the world pay attention to what comes out of Hollywood. So using Hollywood to change the world is just the right thing to do! Support for this needs to be world wide! We have one shot to tell the world it’s not right and has to change. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BreederXlove/

I plan to salute rescues and others. The real foot work in the fight for human education. The plan is to get 1 million views against abuse in 1 week. This shall make the Hollywod media pay attention. Any youtube profits will go to rescues.

In case you don’t know, i already do a web based show called “Conversations With A Pit Bull”.

Thanks for your time and keep loving the animals, cause they don’t have thumbs and can’t write us for help.

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Foster Corder

“Breeder X”